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FSC® certified products available on request


Luxury Italian Style Notebook

Notes London - Moretti A5 FSC  Notebook


Just Pads

A UK based promotional merchandise company specialising in the creation of notebooks.

Our business focus is based on three specific areas:-

JPA5_GroupPen copy.jpg

The Originals are a range of "off the shelf" notebooks with a short lead time. Stored in the UK, these notebooks can be branded via Print, Embossing or Digital print. Our best selling notebook is the “JPA5 Dimes Notebook”.


The Primo Collection is a quality range of made to order notebooks allowing you to mix and match features to create a notebook that stands out from the rest! 


The fully bespoke “Infusion” designer range. These notebooks are custom made to your exact requirements using our “Build-a-book” formula. You choose the colours and features to be included in the creation of your notebook... anything is possible!

 3D Visuals

We can provide 3D visuals for our notebooks, all you need to do is send the artwork and we will do the rest. Perfect for impressing new and existing customers with different concepts. 

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