INA5MG - Magnet PU notebook

This new and unique magnetic closure folder style notebook really stands out from the rest. 22 colours and 2 different material options you will definitely find the perfect combination that suits your brand. As these are made to order we have the ability to change the colour of the standard features like the ribbon and pen loop to a suit your needs. As standard these notebooks are supplied with 224 ivory lined pages although this can be changed to have fully bespoke pages. Please see below for more info and feel free to call should you need any help. 

MOQ 250


PU Options

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Pen Loop Options

Infusion Pen Loop.jpg

Ribbon Options

Infusion Ribbons.jpg

Branding Options

Web _DoubleFlexi_InsideCover_edited.jpg


The thermal PU darkens in colour when the heated block is pressed into the material making the finish even bolder. 


Entire Cover Debossed

As these are made bespoke we are able to deboss the entire cover on our PU notebooks, all you have to do is get creative with the design.

Web _DoubleFlexi_FoilBlocking_edited.jpg

Foil Blocking

Foil Blocking is created using the same method as debossing however colour foils are embedded into the notebook giving a metallic finish. This branding method never fails to impress. 

Customization Options

Web _DoubleFlexi_TipIn.jpg

Tip-In Sheets

We are able to insert a number of bespoke printed tip-in pages.

Web _DoubleFlexi_Pocket.jpg


Handy paper pocket available for all your loose notes. 

Web _DoubleFlexi_Pages.jpg

Printed Pages

Put your logo on every page or design a completely bespoke book block with a different design on every page.  

Web _DoubleFlexi_ColouredEdges.jpg

Coloured Page Edges

Pantone matched colour paper edges to give your notebook a unique look.

Web _DoubleFlexi_EndPaper.jpg

Printed End Papers

Pantone matched or full colour printed end papers / inside cover sheets. 


Sewn Edges

We can stitch the edges of the notebooks in a number of different colours.