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About Us


Supplying general promotional merchandise Easy Gifts introduced four colours of A6 notebooks, the response was immediate, our customers wanted more colours and more sizes.  

Whilst introducing these new ranges, a new trend was forming for notebooks branded with complex designs. Our response was to react and be one of the first companies to offer digital print.

This pattern was to repeat itself again as embossed notebooks started to become popular, recognising a new trend in branding we were once again quick to react switching our manufacturing process to incorporate new outer materials made for embossing.

Our ability to quickly respond to new trends and adapt to customer requests has allowed us to become one of the largest suppliers of notebooks to the UK promotional industry.

The introduction of Resin Domes and Block Foiling once again put us at the cutting edge of branding.


The Next Step….

With a high demand for our notebooks and the introduction of a tailor made “Infusion” notebook range the time was right to incorporate our entire notebooks range under one banner and launch Just Pads. Just pads, a brand with one single dedication…Notebooks!

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